Our Company

Highland Capital Management is dedicated to the practice of investment management. Our offices are located in Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama including our headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. We manage fixed income and equity portfolios, and currently have over 2.5 billion in assets under management. 


Our Philosophy

We believe in an Team Approach to Investing.  Successful investing requires curious minds and being open to many different points of view. Our philosophy is that through utilizing a team approach we can capture the various influences effecting markets.  Our portfolios are built to perform according to their style mandate so that our clients don’t have overlap. We believe that preserving principal value in difficult markets is the key to long term success.


Our Clients

At Highland, we are focused on developing solid, long-term relationships with our clients as educators and partners in the investment process.  We strive to provide consistent performance through a rigorous investment process, and we work to build trusted client-manager relationships.  We understand the unique skill sets required to serve:

  • 401K Plans                
  • Foundations               
  • Taft-Hartley Funds
  • Institutions           
  • Public Funds                
  • Endowments          
  • Individuals