Large Cap Value

Our philosophy is driven by two key investment assumptions: human bias and emotions are unintentionally introduced into the investment decision-making process with negative long-term effects and investment management processes misunderstand the impact of coverage as a source of return, focusing instead on over researching their long positions. Our team of professional uses this knowledge along with their experience in the industry to produce excess returns for our clients. 

Large Cap Growth

Our approach is to use proven factors with expected continuing outperformance over time, factors such as Value, Growth, or Momentum. While statistical techniques are utilized, keeping the model intuitive and transparent adds robustness and stability. In order to manage market risk we have a strong diversification of underlying factor characteristics that provides more consistent returns than a singular style tilt. Portfolios are monitored using an optimization system to control risk (tracking error) and characteristics (large capitalization and developed market bias) to assure our clients are properly diversified and the portfolio is consistent in its stated performance attribution.

Multi-Cap Equity

Our Multi-Cap equity investment strategy is driven by the following philosophies: Capital markets are ultimately efficient and operate in an environment of generally useful information over time. However, through accurate evaluation areas of opportunity can be identified. The value added reward in active portfolio management comes from identifying attractive sectors and being willing to overweight those sectors with undervalued stocks exhibiting earnings and price momentum. Our Multi-Cap integrated approach to portfolio management combines the flexibility of investing across the capitalization and style spectrums. We utilize the power of a multi-factor quantitative model ranking system that objectively identifies sector and individual security attractiveness.

International Equity

The skewing of foreign indices toward large companies or industries creates an opportunity to make concentrated country and security allocations relative to the benchmark. Significant investment opportunity is forgone by investment processes that focus on analyzing companies within countries as opposed to the big picture of comparing countries against countries. Our quantitative model measures large quantities of fundamental data to capture influences that may direct foreign investment opportunities either positively or negatively.  Our model driven process creates opportunities that may not be achieved through traditional investment processes.

Large Cap Core Equity

For large cap core equity we focus on high-quality securities with above-market growth potential currently trading at or below-market valuations. We utilize a powerful combination of “top-down” macroeconomic analysis combined with traditional “bottom-up” fundamental research. We have also developed proprietary quantitative models to screen and rank our universe of potential investments. These models are based on fundamental criteria that complement our traditional qualitative fundamental research process.